Every day I wake up to the dun, dun, dun, dar de dum of the Stormtroopers theme from Star Wars not because its my alarm tone but because Tinki is completely obsessed with the franchise and sings the theme constantly. Chances are if you’ve heard it being sung loudly and somewhat tunelessly (he gets that from me sadly) out and about its probably us.

We spend hours playing with Star Wars Lego figures building space ships and quoting facts about the different colour of Stormtroopers and what they do. So when planning a day out LEGOLAND with its dedicated Star Wars display was the obvious choice. However after telling Tinki we were headed there I started to have doubts especially after reading negative reviews online. Most of the criticisms I read were about two things the cost and the queue times but I’m delighted to say that both of these seemed unfounded and we had an ‘Awesome’ day.

LEGOLAND like any big theme park is expensive, £37 per person is the cheapest price quoted on the website with prices rising to a massive £225 per person for a VIP Ticket! Even the little ones have to pay the full advance price with only those under 3 getting in for free. However there are ways to get the tickets much cheaper, we used a combination of Tesco Clubcard vouchers and two for one tickets and managed to get a group of six to visit the park for around £20 per person.

Eating on the park isn’t cheap either coffees cost from £2.70 and ice creams are small for the plus £2 you pay but they are happy for you to bring a picnic, with limited lockers available to put it in and the quality of the food we did buy was really good.


The idea of queuing with a toddler who has just discovered the phrase ‘I’m bored’ filled me with dread but it honestly was fine in total we went on four rides the queues were never more than 40 minutes and kept moving which made it seem shorter. The longest queue was for the driving school but as my sister still remembers her trip to the Lego Driving School 15 years ago we felt it was an essential part of the trip. As well as the rides there are plenty of attractions to keep the small people in the family happy. The play park alone could have filled the whole afternoon and there was something magical about watching Tinki being completely enraptured by the tiny cars, trains and boats of the Miniland, not to mention the Star Wars exhibit.

As much as it wasn’t a cheap day I do think it was well worth the money, we spent a full day and didn’t get to half the park, we didn’t touch the waterpark or get to watch any of the shows. There was plenty for a range of ages to enjoy, no queue to get out the car park and they get an extra gold star because the toilets have the little seats that you pop down so they are easier for small people to use without you having to cart a toilet seat with you. All in all a great day out with so much to do to keep you coming back.

Tinki Tips
* Don’t queue to use the toilets before the entrance gate there are some more just inside the turnstiles.
* The Starbucks coffee served in the restaurant near the entrance of the park is at least 30p a cup more expensive than elsewhere on the park and the regular stuff tastes pretty good.
* The Duplo area is best for picnics.
* Lockers are few and far between so pack light as you may have to carry your picnic all day.
* The collection system for the Driving Licence is pretty busy and as the younger children don’t seem to get issued a number for their photo the staff need you to describe your child so they can find them in the group shot. Show the staff a photo of them on your phone it speeds up the process.