Intu playIts long been said by my nearest and dearest that I’m obsessed with a good deal. Even Tinki asks ‘is that a bargain mummy?’ when we’re out shopping. Imagine my sheer delight that I’ve managed to keep him amused for a whole afternoon and only spent 80p!

Central Milton Keynes shopping centre has previously been the scene of many a meltdown (both Tinki and me) but as a way to wile away an afternoon I’ve discovered it can actually be a delight.

I’m hugely impressed at some of the changes Intu have made to Midsummer Place (the New Bit) the whole area seems much more family friendly thanks to the addition of the Woodland Soft Play area, tables with colouring sheets and a sandpit near the clock as well as a deckchair section in the former home of the Oak tree. We clearly weren’t the only ones to be impressed as there were lots of children playing along which was great; nothing amuses a child more than another child. This also amuses a mummy especially as they offer free Wi-Fi so I could catch up with social media, while keeping a close eye on him obviously!

We combined our visit with a trip to the Central Library for a climb on the fire engine and a few stories. There was the added bonus that in the exhibition space they were housing one of the IF Festival acts so we got to listen to some live music.

Physical activity – check, cultural activities – check, total spend less than £1 for a bottle of water-check. I’m claiming big mummy points for this afternoon.