Listening to Tom Daly talk on the radio today about his eight year training journey to this year’s Rio Olympics I was reminded of the excitement of London 2012 and realised I really wanted to share that excitement this year with Tinki.

I thought we could start with a little craft activity inspired by the Olympics, good old CBeebies were ideal for this with their Olympic torch make. You can find details of how to make your own on their site.

We’ve also had a go at some mini Olympic activities, hoping competitions, seeing how far Tinki can jump, a ball and spoon race (an egg seemed too messy) but if you fancy some more structured sporting activities there are ways to try sports at a reduced price or even for free. sports

Sports groups such as Scoccertots and Rugbytots offer free trial sessions which you can sign up to on their websites. If you fancy getting your little one into the pool, swim company Water Babies also run free first sessions from time to time. MK Springers gymnastic center in Kiln Farm offer taster sessions for free and you can use childcare vouchers as payment methods for some of their activities to help keep costs down.

Local parish councils are also putting on lots of activities over the summer, West Bletchley council are organising free table tennis events and Great Linford parish council are running their popular summer of fun programme which includes running, archery and bikeability.