By far one of my favourite things to do is the MK Gallery’s Start the Art sessions. The sessions run on a Tuesday and Wednesday morning at 11am. Costing just £1 per person, lasting an hour and providing squash and a biscuit for the tinkis its a great value activity. What’s more it gives little ones fantastic opportunities to explore a whole range of messy, tactile, sensory experiences without mummy having to worry about clearing up afterwards.Art1

The sessions are very easy going with toddlers exploring the different activities set up by the staff in their own way, whether they want to turn boxes into a den, string into spider webs or even make princess capes out of scarves and fabrics all opportunities to be creative are encouraged by the team.

The two things that make these sessions really special are the simplicity of the activities provided and the dedication of the team, especially the lovely Alice who run the Wednesday sessions. The ideas use house hold items, shaving foam, lentils, sugar and cardboard boxes so you can replicate and expand upon them at home without having to invest in expensive craft items. It’s also great for boisterous little boys who may not fancy colouring in or drawing with chalk but like cutting out shapes to make a sculpture or exploring shadows on an overhead projector.

Its more than just a messy play session though, it really is a introduction to the arts withArt2 different music played each week (my personal favourite is when they play the classical version of the Foo Fighters!), stories read at the end of the session explore cultural differences, the team are introducing poems and teaching how to communicate through signs.

Its fair to say I love these sessions and can not recommend them highly enough. If you fancy taking your little one you can book online at ttp://